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How can I help?

I can offer a safe, supportive and confidential relationship where you can think about yourself, your life and the unique issues you face. It can be a relief to be able to talk freely with someone separate from your social world who is non-judgemental and can listen and respond to your experience in a considered way. 

What can we work on?

We can work on a wide range of areas that can have an impact on your life such as anxiety, depression, relationship problems, work stress, understanding yourself, low confidence or self-esteem, life changes, bereavement, feeling stuck, dealing with the aftermath of trauma and neurodevelopmental differences such as aspergers/autism and ADHD.

What is the difference between Counselling and Psychotherapy?

Both counselling and psychotherapy can help with a range of issues and challenges by providing a safe, supportive and confidential relationship in which to explore your experiences and feelings. It is perhaps helpful to think of counselling as encompassing shorter term work with specific aims in mind and psychotherapy as longer term work allowing you to explore yourself in greater depth.  


What is integrative psychotherapy and counselling?

An integrative approach pulls from many different, but complementary, psychological and philosophical ideas, including recent developments in neurobiology, to support the process of growth and change. This approach allows me to tailor how we work together to best suit you and the issues you want to work on.

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